Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What This New Evidence proves

The self defense element on the plea induced Wilson to plead no- contest even though innocent. What proves this that Swanson  advised Wilson would get no time on count 1 is that on the plea form, the WIS. STAT 939.50 showing how much time he faced on each count was not on count 1 out it was on count 2 showing that he faced 2 years.

This along with the plea hearing transcript prove that this was part Of a plot to get a conviction. Wilson’s attorney chose not to fight the case and chose to go along with a plot against his client. Wilson had several witnesses from Milwaukee to prove his
whereabouts. However, Swanson insisted on not using them. These witnesses are relatives that were at the residence in Milwaukee and friends or relatives. Wilson's attorney relied on the "evidence”' that the D.A. presented and not the 'facts" of the case.

On  direct  appeal, Wilson was  appointed  appeal counsel Patrick  Donnaly, who never even came to see Wilson face to face. Donnaly wanted to file no-merit without even discussing the merits of the case. And the court of appeals allowed him to withdraw without first filing an Anders brief, Thus Wilson was forced pro se on post-conviction/direct appeal.

On January  21,  2000 Wilson   had  a  post-conviction   hearing.  After   elucidating  his  issues, and explaining  how  he  was  framed, the D.A. and  court-reporter   left   out  of   the  court   r oom  to  allegedly "check  the  record” about   the  date  of  Wilson’s  arrest.   When they came back in the courtroom the DA said that Wilson as arrested on 7.24.1998  opposed to 7 .23..1998 as Wilson  claimed  and facts  proved. At  said  hearing Wilson  stated  that  any  evidence  used to convict him had to have been  manufactured  by  police  in Paducah.  So the D.A. tries to discre­dit Wilson by  saying  that  Wilson  is  lying  because  he  allegedly, wasn’t  arrested  on 7,23,1998  but on 7,24.1998 and said Paducah police (Phil Lewzendar and Bill Abernathy) weren’t  at work-on 7,24 • 1998 so could not have manufactured the evidence, However, even in the motion, was a police report iron Paducah stating 7.23.1998 as arrest date.

 The court took advantage of Wilson because he was pro se. The transcript that Wilson was given of this hearing is an excerpt, with everything Wilson said about being framed extracted. Wilson complained to the court or appeals about this and they did not make the lower court produce the entire transcript, That transcript of the January 21, 2000 hearing had everything Wilson said about how this case was not based on facts but on manufactured evidence taken out. Wilson also has 8 documents that have 7,23.1998 as arrest date.

In 2002 Wilson  obtained from codefendants, Fradario Brim, Brim's discovery. Brim was acquitted. Brim's discovery had exculpatory evidence. It mentions of an actual tape with words on it of Tomicca. Duffy. The police report that goes with this tape had 7.23.1998. written on it as the arrest date and Duffy saying Wilson was in Milwaukee at the time. Also in Brim' s discovery is a store surveilance tape of Plaze Anderson who came into the store saying he just seen his friend, A. First, get shot in the head. But in all police reports he claimed to not have been at the scene but on the other side of town when it happened and that his son told him of it.. Also it had witnesses saying A. First owed Anderson money so Anderson Killed him, Wilson's discovery did not have any of this. Anything that mentioned any other suspect was not in Wilson's discovery.

In 2008 a witness came forward with the truth. Davion Davis, the victims cousin, said days after the homicide, Anderson kidnapped him and attempted to kill him for what he had seen that flight. He said he seen Anderson and someone else run between two houses and get into an awaiting car. That days later they kidnapped him and snot him. However, he managed to get away.
Wilson has been through all appeals pro se to no avail. He is an innocent man in prison for a crime he did not commit. He ask that anyone who can help, please do. Thank you to all that have taken the time to read this. If you would like to help, please contact Marvin at:

Marvin D Wilson 734329
NLCI; PO Box4000
New Lisbon, WI 53950

Feel free to contact FFUP if you have suggestions for Marvin or are willing to help.

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